Posey Marine Division

When it comes to marine batteries, one size does not fit all; which is why we offer a full line of marine batteries that gives you exactly what you need.

Our Marine/RV products provide deep cycle and reserve capacity (RC) for running utilities day and night, in flooded or spill proof “sealed” batteries. Our Intimidator, Dominator and Nautilus lines of AGM and Gel deep cycle and dual purpose batteries provide power and reliability when you need it most; ensuring durable performance out on the open waters. So whether you are powering up a 100-foot yacht, 32 volt shrimper or a 20-foot inshore, we can provide the right battery.

Ordinary golf carts and other electric vehicles require extraordinary batteries to keep them humming and worry free. Since nothing ruins a day on the links like a dead golf cart, we offer an advanced line of golf cart and electric vehicle batteries designed for increased cycle life and reduced maintenance time.

All of this backed by Posey’s strong quality commitment means you can concentrate more on feeding the horses, hunting, driving around the grand kids, your golf swing, and less about getting to the next hole.


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