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Our services include high quality portable power solutions for every industry and facet of life. If we can't find you your battery we can custom make batteries to fit the situation. We have marine and heavy duty solutions to make life easier and reliable. Just look at the variety of services we offer below.

  • Computers01
  • Engineering/Maintenance02
  • Photography03
  • Biomedical Electronics04
  • Personal05
  • Custom Battery Packs06


We have computer solutions that include:
- Backups
- UPS (Universal Power Supply)
- Memory Cells
- Power Modules



We have batteries for:

- Emergency/Exit Lighting
- Office Equipment
- Smoke Alarms/Detectors
- Metal and Mineral Detectors
- Lasers
- Microwave Repeators
- Weather Reporting Stations
- Custom Remote Power Systems
- Two Way Radios
- Radio/Emergency Distress Equipment
- Scientific Insturmentation



We have battery solutions for the photography business:

- Cameras
- Flash
- Drive Units
- Custom Power Packs
- Camcorders


Biomedical Electronics

- Infusion Pumps
- Defibrillators
- Ventilators
- Blood Monitors
- Thermometers
- Heart Monitors



- Remotes
- Testers
- Monitors
- Security Systems
- Watch Cells
- Radio Control (Hobby)
- Dictators
- Cellular
- Portable Devices
- Tablets


Custom Battery Packs

We are one of the few places in the Tampa Bay area to have a custom battery pack made specifically for your needs. We've been doing it for years saving you lots of money for your complicated power needs.


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